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About Us

Dedication Group are specialists in technology projects for the financial markets sector. We are highly skilled at running technology projects and delivering integration and bespoke software development solutions in complex trading environments spanning front, middle and back office operations.

While we're technology experts; the Dedication Group team has significant experience in the banking, investment banking, and financial services industry, and an intimate understanding of the mechanics of financial markets and securities lending. The Dedication Group principals each have at least ten years hands-on experience in commercial and investment banks.

We have a successful track record working in high pressure, time critical, extreme risk trading environments, and understand the importance of balancing revenue generation against risk mitigation in systems delivery.

We are results driven; working to deliver certainty and peace of mind over project outcomes.

Dedication Group provides five key service areas; though we have capabilities which run much deeper:

  1. Project Scoping - our business analysis, systems analysis and strategic planning services allow you to define, scope and plan for project success
  2. Project Management - we provide client-side project management for your technology projects
  3. Systems Integration - given our background in building and managing complex trading systems; we provide systems integration services from high-level systems integration architecture; to the end-to-end delivery (design, coding, testing, release) of the integration solution
  4. Project Rescue - from a high-level assessment of project health to a hands-on project rescue; Dedication Group is able to provide the expertise, diplomacy, turn-around capabilities required to get your project back on track
  5. ASIC Certification - we have a successful track record of driving AOP/ACOP certification projects for market participants

Dedication Group can provide specialist resources to deliver value to your project onsite, or as a complete outsourced project solution. Dedication Group is a core of team of specialist consultants with expertise in front office and market connectivity, middle office systems and workflow, back office settlements and CHESS connectivity, etc.; we are not a recruitment firm or contracting agency.

About Our Name

Our name is an embodiment of our company's culture and philosophy. We wanted a name that would signify our deep commitment to bringing successful results to our clients.

Dedication Group understands the importance of having a trusted partner in the delivery and management of software solutions. We pride ourselves on our desire to go above and beyond our clients' expectations to deliver truly exceptional value to their businesses.

Mission Statement

Dedication Group aims to enhance the value of our clients' businesses through efficient, business-focused IT delivery. We are committed to demonstrating our professionalism, reliability and integrity in everything we do. It is our goal to be an employer of choice by developing, guiding and training our people to be the best they can be.

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