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What is the Scope of a Scope?

We all know that planning is important, but we need to recognise that project scoping can be done at many levels; not all of them daunting. In this article, we introduce the four levels of scoping....more

Post Mortems for the Living

Project Post Mortems are an invaluable tool for improving organisational competency; but only if done right. This article describes how to undertake a review once the dust settles on your project....more

10 Ways to Kill your Project

There are some actions which are guaranteed to kill your project's likelihood of success. This article lists ten ways projects are unintentionally sabotaged, and what to do about them....more

Software Blackmail - Will you be a victim?

Through our engagements; we have seen a number scenarios where software and/or hosting providers are demanding extortive payments from their clients in exchange for business continuity....more

Do You Eat Your Own Dog Food?

There is a saying in technology circles, that if you truly believe in your product, you should use it in your own business. The most important consumer and critic of your business' services and products should be you....more

Fat Fingers and Failed Businesses: Managing Data Quality

The quality of a company's data is an often overlooked facet of many business operations. This article introduces the concept of data quality, the impacts to your business, why you should care, and what you can do about it...more

Disaster Proof your Business

A disaster can mean many things to different people, but it doesn't need to be the end of your business. Whether you're a solo operator, or a medium sized company; here are ten tips to help you survive a disaster in your business... more

Business technology money saving tips

To run a successful business, you must ensure your costs are under control. The costs of the software tools and systems you need to support your business are no different. Even trying just one or two of the below tips could translate into immediate savings for your bottom line... more

Project Management Processes: A simple guide

If you get flustered at the thought of managing a project, these simple tips will help. I've seen the largest projects start with the project managment processes below, and one to five person projects run with nothing more... more

Six ways to reduce outsourcing risk

Outsourcing can provide an array of strategic and operational benefits to businesses. But there are risks in having a third party take on our business functions. This article provides six tips for reducing your outsourcing risks... more

Seven tips for protecting your business trade secrets

As the saying goes; there are only six degrees of separation between you and potentially anyone in the world. While this provides a wonderful social networking opportunity; it also raises all sorts of competitive issues when running a business. Are there really six degrees of separation between you and your competitor?... more

Complexity of technologies in the workplace

Next time a new technology is suggested for use in your environment; embrace the concept, but ensure you understand whether you can get people to develop in it, how long you're going to be living with this technology, and what the total cost of using it will be... more

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