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ASIC Certification

We specialise in client side management of ASIC certification projects. Whether certification is required for an in-house built bespoke trading system or an off the shelf trading package - we are experienced in both arenas and can take the pain out of new certifications or re-certifications.

We do all the grunt work - gathering procedures and documentation, interviewing key stakeholders and ensuring the gaps are filled when it comes time to certify with either the ASIC directly or an external auditor. We have the latest knowledge of ASIC requirements and can steer you through the maze of tasks to perform.

Dedication Group's expertise, breadth of experience & technical capabilities provides you certainty knowing that your ASIC certification project will be delivered on time, on budget and in accordance with your organizational goals.

The benefits of a Dedication Group ASIC Certification project include:

  1. Efficient, cost-effective delivery of the certification - it's what we do, we've seen it before
  2. Lower risk as we understand all the components of the certification process, systems and business operations
  3. Lack of diversion of internal resources from existing priorities and responsibilities
  4. Confidentiality - issues identified remain strictly confidential
  5. Objective, external perspective with a view to achieving compliance; rather than focusing on raw audit points
  6. Visibility over scope and cost implications of potential rectification projects

Dedication Group brings to your organisation more than just a pure compliance focus. Our hands-on experience and expertise in the delivery of ASIC-compliant trading systems means that we can provide an unparalleled technical advisory service in addition to the project management of your certification endeavours. We understand trading systems under the covers; and know how to apply the appropriate controls, procedures and reporting surrounding the AOP system to limit the risks to your business.

Call us today on +61-2-9280-4443 for a no obligation discussion on your ASIC Certification needs.

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