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Project Rescue Services

Dedication Group specialises in the rescue of technology projects.

We provide practical strategies for bringing a project back on track and we can supply complete project management to take end-to-end control of the project if required. Our thorough and frank assessment of your project's status will help you make project decisions with confidence.

The key features of a Project Rescue include:

  • Systematic re-planning of the schedule and deliverables
  • Business-focused re-prioritisation
  • Acceptance of responsibility and accountability for all participants, and Stakeholder re-engagement

Strategically, a Project Rescue can conclude with a Project Post Mortem, which will engage all the stakeholders to determine what went wrong and how it can be avoided on future projects - converting a near disaster into a learning curve.

Dedication Group's Managing Director, Greg Pritchard, recently spoke at the Tonkin Corporation organised Project Scheduling Conference on Rescuing projects that run off course

Conference Feedback:
Inspired thinking to internally save troubled projects - Nicole
Really good. Strategies were useful - Doug

If you would like a copy of the presentation or would like to discuss speaking arrangements with Greg Pritchard, please use our Contact Form

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