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Project Scoping

The goal of scoping is to identify the current situation, determine what is possible, and propose what is practical.

The first step in the planning process is to understand your own requirements, what your project goals are, and by what criteria you will manage the success of the project. If you and your suppliers aren't 100% clear on where you're heading and what you need; you could end up anywhere.

The benefits of engaging Dedication Group for your project scoping include:

  • Complete impartiality and driven by your project success
  • Realistic estimates of project scope
  • Certainty over project outcomes
  • Visibility over tasks required to deliver your project
  • Proactive project cost management
  • Ability to manage project scope creep
  • Lower risk of project failure

Dedication Group's Business Analysis and Technical Scoping services can deliver:

  • Functional Specifications
  • Project Scope Definitions
  • Technical Specifications
  • System Topologies
  • Project Plans

Dedication Group can help. We're impartial, unbiased and experts at scoping technology-based projects. Our only goal is to get you to a successful outcome; regardless of which solution is chosen.

Call us today on +61-2-9280-4443 for a no obligation discussion on your scoping needs. We provide complete transparency over the cost of undertaking a project scope with Dedication Group.

"We have worked with Dedication Group on many occasions now, with great results. Greg's professionalism and expertise makes his firm an ideal partner for Loaded in many area's of IT consulting but particularly in developing and documenting web and SugarCRM solutions."

Mark Tallis, General Manager, Loaded Technologies

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