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Systems Integration

Systems Integration is an often forgotten cost and logistics issue when purchasing systems for your business. Combining systems to meet your business' unique needs requires planning, design and testing specific to your organisation's needs. It is in this systems integration phase where most problems occur. That is why you need an expert to guide and manage the process from end-to-end.

This is where Dedication Group comes in. We can help your business with:

  1. planning what it will take to bring two or more systems together
  2. guiding you on the risks of integrating your technology components
  3. advice on best practice in system integration architectures (e.g. tight coupling, point-to-point messaging, Service-Oriented-Architectures, vertical integration strategies)
  4. understanding the costs of implementing one system solution over another; taking the integration costs into consideration
  5. planning, project managing and executing the systems integration project

Wouldn't it be great to dramatically reduce manual re-keying of data, lower of the risk of your business operations and have your Customer Relationship Management, Accounting, Reporting and core business systems all working in harmony? Talk to us today about giving your business the competitive edge through seamless data and information flow throughout your organisation.

"Greg was able to pull together a diverse team of resources to deliver our risk management integration project to meet a tight, fixed launch date. The project required the efficient transfer of high-volumes of real-time trading data to an existing division-wide system responsible for Risk Management, P&L and Settlements. This project had a high cost of failure, and involved interfacing with internal development and business teams, as well as direct vendor liaison. Greg's leadership and active management resulted in a successful completion of a system still utilised today."

Mark McCann, Associate Director, Macquarie Bank

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