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Dedication Group's Greg Pritchard was the Project Manager for the implementation of our new securities lending system in the Institutional Equities business. His extensive experience, drive and dedication was outstanding as was his ability to understand the internal workings of the Bank and find solutions. He dealt with all the stakeholders in a very professional manner. He was able to drive them to achieve the results we required to deliver the project on time and budget. Greg worked above and beyond our expectations and showed a real sense of ownership to make the project a success. As a result, we have engaged Dedication Group for further projects.

Sasha Conoplia, Head of Institutional and Corporate Equity Derivatives, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

"The services of Dedication Group have exceeded our expectations. Our consultant'sexpertise and professionalism has produced a roadmap for the technology requirements of Children's Promise that allows us to move forward with confidence. We benefitted from their excellent attention to detail and ability torelate complex IT issues in layman terms so it is accessible across the organisation."

Ulrike Schuermann, Director Momentum International Partnership & Founding CEO, Children's Promise

"Our relationship with Dedication Group has proven invaluable. The expertise and advice provided by their knowledgeable and professional staff has always been of the highest caliber."

Ian Hughes, Director Swarm Logic

"We have worked with Dedication Group on many occasions now, with great results. Their professionalism and expertise makes this firm an ideal partner for Loaded in many area's of IT consulting but particularly in developing and documenting web and SugarCRM solutions."

Mark Tallis, General Manager, Loaded Technologies

"Greg was able to pull together a diverse team of resources to deliver our risk management integration project to meet a tight, fixed launch date. The project required the efficient transfer of high-volumes of real-time trading data to an existing division-wide system responsible for Risk Management, P&L and Settlements. This project had a high cost of failure, and involved interfacing with internal development and business teams, as well as direct vendor liaison. Greg's leadership and active management resulted in a successful completion of a system still utilised today."

Mark McCann, Associate Director, Macquarie Group

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