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Trading & Risk Systems

The success of a trading system implementation can have significant impacts on your business' productivity and viability. The planning and approach taken for these types of projects are vastly different from other industries. The management of the risks, costs and architecture needs to be undertaken by people with the requisite skills, experience, and the right battle scars.

Trading Systems projects include:

  • the integration of multiple in-house developed and/or commercial systems
  • real-time, high-volume, or data intensive systems
  • systems which have high compliance requirements (such as payments processing, Know-Your-Client (KYC), direct exchange connectivity systems)
  • trading and algorithmic engines
  • systems integrating via SWIFT, CLICK XT, AMS/3, etc.
  • implementation projects which require multiple vendors and/or multiple streams of development

The principals of Dedication Group have gained experience delivering complex financial systems to tight timeframes through many years of implementing and having the responsibility for the high risk, real-time systems of Macquarie Bank's Equity Markets division, plus numerous client engagements. Dedication Group should be your first choice for technology projects ranging from $50,000 to $8 million.

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